Keystone AEA

This is a large online store, over 70 items. A few tips to using our website and searching for product.

1.  Items are listed in the following order:  1. Accessories; 2. Headwear; 3. Brain Health Apparel; 4. Unisex Apparel; 5. Apparel availabe in both Men's and Ladies Sizing; 6. Apparel in Ladies only sizes.  EMB-is embroided and SCR-is screen printed.  

2.  Please note on the screen print items, you have to select your logo location.  Either Left Chest or Full Front.

3. When you select an item, if you select a size and then a color the image will change to match the color selected.  But you need to have both size and color selected.  

4.  For the Brain Health shirts the back image will appear when you select both the size and color.  Also, check product description sometimes an alternate photo will appear there too.

5.  Please feel free to email us if you have questions on a product, need to see a size chart or need help with ordering.